Shop Beauty: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Shop Beauty?

A: Shop Beauty is a curated destination for Organic Spa Magazine readers to shop their favorite beauty products. By purchasing sponsorship on our Shop Beauty platform, you are becoming an e-commerce affiliate with exclusive endorsement from Organic Spa Magazine.

Q: Is Shop Beauty an e-commerce platform?
A: No. Shop Beauty is an affiliate program that provides referrals back to your brand’s e-commerce site. We do not inventory, ship or provide customer service for products in any way.

Q: What is your conversion rate?

A: Brands are responsible for ensuring conversions to sales, as we source all marketing copy about the products from our clients. We provide traffic to the Shop Beauty listings via a static link in our website navigation bar, e-blasts to customers and social media support. Click-through rates, however, cannot be guaranteed.

Q: Does Organic Spa Media claim a percentage of sales?

A: No! We charge a flat monthly fee of $149 to our Shop Beauty sponsors regardless of how many sales are made during that period.

Q: What kind of digital support will I receive from Shop Beauty?

A: Our Shop Beauty sponsors receive thousands of dollars’ worth of free digital media support, including monthly e-blasts to our list of 120k avid wellness consumers and weekly product features on social media.